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with Indigenous resources based on The Last Daughter book

Our Mission

To empower educators and young people through education and storytelling to honour the richness of Indigenous Australia

The Problem

Lack of  Indigenous education resources

Our Solution

Empowering educators with authentic high quality Indigenous education resources

Cultural Framework

Our resources are made collaboratively between Indigenous and non-Indigenous individuals under the Waya Gilahna Cultural Framework, bridging the gap between cultural knowledge and the education system.

Easy to Implement

As teachers ourselves, we know how quickly work piles up. Our resources are teacher-friendly and require minimal preparation, making them convenient for busy teachers.


Our resources are designed with Brenda Matthews. We provide you with exclusive access to personalised videos from Brenda that explore deep cultural knowledge, that take both teachers and students on a healing journey.

A message from Brenda

How it Works

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Step 3: Teach


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Our Resources

Co-created with author Brenda Matthews, explore a multitude of personal videos and resources that will take both teachers and students on a healing journey. 

The Last Daughter Book Analysis

Discover a transformative 8-week English unit, based on Brenda Matthews’ powerful book, The Last Daughter. Available for years 7, 8, 9 or 10.

Coming Soon

Early Learning

Early learning resources and The Last Daughter children’s book by Brenda Matthews coming soon. 



Primary resources and The Last Daughter children’s book by Brenda Matthews coming soon. 

Explore our units

Free Introductory Presentation

Find out more about our Introductory Presentation where we unravel the intricacies of each lesson, delve into engaging activities, and provide essential insights.

It sparks meaningful conversations on history, identity, and healing, fostering reflection and guiding the way forward for Australians.

Miranda, Teacher

on The Last Daughter unit of work

Knowing our story is the first step to healing. This learning journey provides these first steps with a pathway of understanding, one of the building blocks to reconciliation.

Gregg, Educator

on The Last Daughter unit of work

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Make a difference

By implementing our resources, you are not only gaining valuable knowledge about Indigenous culture, but you are also contributing to a greater cause.

With your help, we can work towards a future where Indigenous culture is valued and prioritised in every Australian school.

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